Sunday Afternoon (SEWELL) 7v7 – 3/1/20



– Players should play in their team shirts or approved jerseys
– A team may only suit up as many players per game as is on their roster
– ALL players MUST sign the WAIVER


– Top 4 teams will play in playoffs
– Players must have signed team waiver for current season prior to Game 2.
– If a tie results in a semi-final or final, a winner must be determined by: Penalty Kicks best of 5  and then Sudden Death of alternating player.


– 25 mins halves, 5 min half time
– Each team must provide a game ball (Size 5); Ball rentals available for $5, there is no ball boy/girl during games. Subs on the sideline are encouraged to help fetch balls.
– Forfeit after 15 mins if team is unable to field a team
– Yellow card results in 2 minute “cooling off” period – team may sub player
– Red card results in immediate dismissal – team must play short
– Red card for dangerous play / physical altercation results in 1 game suspension
– Any action towards an opponent with intention to physically hurt the player may result in suspension for the rest of the season or further suspension from Sports Creek.
– Shin guards optional (at your own discretion)
– No sliding, except for Keeper in the box
– No off sides
– Out of bounds on side lines are kick-ins
– Free Kicks are indirect, 7 yards
– Penalty Kicks are direct; opposing team must be 3 yards outside goalie box
– Goal kicks are indirect; opposing team must be 3 yards outside goalie box
– Corner Kicks are direct
– Back-Pass results in an indirect kick (deliberate pass played with the foot back to goalie excludes knee, shin, thigh, head, miskick)
– Goalies may not touch the ball with their hands after it has been released into play
– A ball that only partially crosses the goal line is still in play and does not count as a goal
– Goalies may score on drop kicks while ball has been in play

– Decisions will be made to the best of the referee`s ability according to the Rules of the Game and the ‘spirit of the game’ and will be based on the opinion of the referee who has the discretion to take appropriate action within the framework of the rules of the Game.
– The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final. The decisions of the referee, must always be respected.

SCHEDULE (*subject to change due to weather, corporate event, etc)
– If teams are not suited and ready for their kickoff time there will NOT be added time to the half. It is up to the refs discretion.
– If games are not started on time due a ref not fielded, there will be additional added minutes.

DateTimeAwayvsHomeScoreField #
3/1/20202:00 - 2:55pThe Best of NothingvsFC Cadillac15 - 1Field #1
3/1/20202:00 - 2:55pAudi North HoustonvsAMG FC2 - 1Field #2
3/1/20203:00 - 3:55pInfiniti and BeyondvsLos Burros Pequeños 4 - 7Field #1
3/1/20203:00 - 3:55pFC CadillacvsAMG FC3 - 6Field #2
3/8/20202:00 - 2:55pInfiniti and BeyondvsAudi North Houston4 - 3Field #1
3/8/20202:00 - 2:55pThe Best of NothingvsLos Burros Pequeños 7 - 3Field #2
3/8/20203:00 - 3:55pAMG FCvsInfiniti and Beyond4 - 9Field #1
3/8/20203:00 - 3:55pLos Burros Pequeños vsFC Cadillac13 - 1Field #2
TBD2:00 - 2:55pThe Best of NothingvsAudi North HoustonField #1
TBD2:00 - 2:55pLos Burros Pequeños vsAMG FCField #2
TBD3:00 - 3:55pAudi North HoustonvsFC CadillacField #1
TBD3:00 - 3:55pThe Best of NothingvsInfiniti and BeyondField #2
TBD2:00 - 2:55pAudi North HoustonvsInfiniti and BeyondField #1
TBD2:00 - 2:55pAMG FCvsFC CadillacField #2
TBD3:00 - 3:55pThe Best of NothingvsLos Burros Pequeños Field #1
TBD3:00 - 3:55pInfiniti and BeyondvsAMG FCField #2
TBD2:00 - 2:55pInfiniti and BeyondvsThe Best of NothingField #1
TBD2:00 - 2:55pLos Burros Pequeños vsAMG FCField #2
TBD3:00 - 3:55pThe Best of NothingvsAudi North HoustonField #1
TBD3:00 - 3:55pFC CadillacvsLos Burros Pequeños Field #2
TBD2:00 - 2:55pAudi North HoustonvsLos Burros Pequeños Field #1
TBD2:00 - 2:55pInfiniti and BeyondvsFC CadillacField #2
TBD3:00 - 3:55pFC CadillacvsAudi North HoustonField #1
TBD3:00 - 3:55pThe Best of NothingvsAMG FCField #2
TBD2:00 - 2:55pTeam #4vsTeam #1Field #1
TBD2:00 - 2:55pTeam #3vsTeam #2Field #2
TBD3:00 - 3:55pWinner 2vsWinner 1Field #2


Please note the ranking system that will be used to determine season champions:
– Points (Win = 3 pts, Tie = 1 pts, Loss = 0 pts)
– GD (Goal differential)
– GA (Least amount of goal allowed)
– GF (Goals for)

1The Best of Nothing6220022418
2Los Burros Pequeños63201231211
3Infiniti and Beyond6320117143
4Audi North Houston32101550
5AMG FC331021114-3
6FC Cadillac03003534-29



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