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Don’t have a full team? Free agents are welcomed! For more information contact:
DaySeasonFormat***Division# GamesDurationFree AgentEarly Team FeesNormal Team FeesLate Team FeesStart TimesWeekly Guest PlayersEarly Registration End DateNormal Registration End DateLate Registration End DateLeague Start DateAvailability
Tuesday Co-EdSpring7 v 7*Recreational725 min halves$75$750$800$8507-10p$123/19/20193/27/20193/31/20194/2/2019OPEN
Tuesday Men'sSpring7 v 7*Recreational725 min halves$75$750$800$8507-10p$123/19/20193/27/20193/31/20194/2/2019OPEN
Wednesday Co-EdSpring7 v 7*Recreational725 min halves$75$750$800$8507-10p$124/3/20194/11/20194/15/20194/17/2019OPEN
Wednesday Men'sSpring7 v 7*Recreational725 min halves$75$750$800$8507-10p$124/17/20194/25/20194/29/20195/1/2019OPEN
Thursday Co-EdSpring7 v 7*Recreational725 min halves$75$750$800$8507-10p$123/7/20193/15/20193/19/20193/21/20194 Spots
Thursday Co-EdSpring7 v 7**Divison 1725 min halves$75$750$800$8507-10p$123/7/20193/15/20193/19/20193/21/20197 Spots
Friday Full Field Co-EdSpring9 v 9*Recreational730 min halves$80$900$950$1,0007-10:30p$124/19/20194/27/20195/1/20195/3/2019OPEN
*Recreational leagues tend to be more relaxed and less competitive
**Divison 1 does NOT require tryouts but will be geared towards competition
***All league formats include a GK. Ex: 7v7 = 6 Field Players + 1 GK

Open Play available Sundays & Mondays – $10 per player

Pay at the bar for your wristband; Only those wearing wrist bands will be allowed to play

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Kathy Lovell

Soccer League Manager

I am dedicated to making this a truly unique and fun place to play, drink, and have fun with your group of friends for seasons to come!


Nathan Lovell

Soccer League Assistant Manager

Our goal is to bring an atmosphere to the downtown landscape unlike any other.

-You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

Sports Creek League Pricing 

Team Fee includes 12 Players, Additional Player Cost – $40 per player, 15 Player Maximum Per Team

Includes: Team T-Shirt, Referee Fees, League Champions receive a choice of $100 Future Season Credit OR $50 Bar Tab OR Championship Shirts!

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